The Mission

30-Day Stay & Overnight Shelter

The Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission (The Mission) provides food, shelter and hope through the love of Jesus Christ.

We currently have a 30-Day Stay facility open all year, operating 24 hours a day located at 1340 NE Logan St in McMinnville, Oregon. We have also added an immediate need, overnight Shelter, which is open every night from 8 pm–8 am.  Breakfast and dinner are served there and access to showers and laundry facilities are also provided.

The 30-Day Stay is a clean and sober facility. Our Overnight Shelter is also clean and sober, except when there is inclement weather, and those policies are relaxed in order to protect those that are unable to get out of the cold weather in the winter.

The Mission serves families along with single men and women. The operation is managed with paid staff and volunteers from the community. As God leads, we partner with churches, individuals and organizations to maximize our total effectiveness.

All guests need to call first to check for availability

Our 24-hour facility is a 30-Day Stay. We now have an Overnight Shelter for emergency or immediate needs from 8 pm-8am. We will be adding another 30-day facility to allow for the separation of men and women.

Providing a bed, meals, showers, and laundry, as well as offering help and guidance in navigating community resources, are a large part of what we do.

The Mission reserves the right to pray for people that want prayer and want to know more about the Gospel of Jesus.